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Domenico Magnifica - ceramic sculptures Domenico Magnifica - ceramic sculptures

My first encounter with clay was in 1995 and I immediately started working in the sector of ceramics.
My hands seemed to enter into a perfect harmony with this material right from the start, and I found that I was able to give a concrete form to my thoughts and emotions with surprising ease.
I soon started working in the workshop of the architect, painter and sculptor Paolo Vasta, where I had the thrilling experience of seeing him mould the clay and give it an original shape. The step from assistant to collaborator enabled me to develop various professional and artistic projects together with him.
In the same period I also met Giovanna De Sanctis Ricciardone and I began to collaborate with her on realizing some of her artistic creations.
The practical experience I have gained so far has given new forms and shapes to my expressive ideas, transforming into physical objects the dialogue between my inner world and the environment, incorporating feelings, people’s life stories, nature... basically everything. My perception of the environment that surrounds me is thus absorbed, metabolized, reduced to its essence, stripped of anything surplus and of background noise, so as to give rise to shapes and colours.
The techniques I use – most of which are mixed and occasionally experimental – transform my feelings into immutable physical essences, while at the same time changing the visual perceptions of other people.

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