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Eleplace Premium Privacy Screen

Although only obtainable in three different sizes for widescreen-only laptop computers, the Eleplace Premium Privacy Screen offers an effective and high-quality solution for keeping unwelcome eyes from seeing what you’re up to. Made with optic-grade clarity and fully protected against scratches, it’ll even inherently avoid up 96% of ultraviolet and 99.99percent of LF-radiation from your screen – finally protecting your eyes over any time frame.

Just as the other two options that we’ve previously discussed, you’re given two options that are different installation. The included double sided tape provides a snug fit to secure it directly on the screen. The other choice is to work with the built-in clear adhesive tabs to firmly hold it in position over the top of screen. Both choices work similarly well, it truly simply comes down to a matter of preference.

Boasting a conical 30 level field of view, it protects from onlookers whether they’re above, to your right or to the left of the screen. By minimizing the viewing angle to 60 degrees (30 for each part of you), and incorporating a darkened tint, it features a thicker and more solid feel than even the 3M filter. On top of that, it comes down incorporated with an lifetime that is incredible, similar to the Akamai filter, to make sure that it’ll always provide excellent privacy for years in the future..
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Final Thoughts

Although each one of these three choices all work quite nicely, we whole-heartily believe both the Akamai Office Products Laptop Privacy Screen plus the Eleplace Premium Privacy Screen give you a surprisingly better option than the 3M filter.

Whereas the privacy that is 3M is developed by a far more reputable brand, we unearthed that one other two seemed to provide a better improvement of privacy and can include both a thicker and sturdier design. To the surprise, it is one of the first times that we’ve seen lesser-known brand names being a better option over a long-living well known business like 3M. The 3M filter seemed a bit lacking in regards to both quality and viewing purification. As we initially thought it would although it’s available in either black or gold, it didn’t impress us quite as much.

That’s not saying it isn’t a sufficient choice – 3M still offers an sufficient number of security. But, you really can’t beat the peace of mind that the other two options offer. Both supported by life time guarantees, it is really a no-brainer to us.